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We've tested 8-12Hz® with hundreds of competitive gamers and have collected over 90 video testimonials on our YouTube channel with almost a half million views--with twice those numbers from gamers who published their testimonials on their own channels. That said, one of the most important testimonials we received was submitted in writing. Enjoy!

Effectve 8-12Hz Gum Review: My SWAT Rampage and Perfection

By codePython

In this article I'll be going over the results of my trial run of Effectve 8-12Hz® Neural Gum. For those who are not part of Xe03, let me introduce you to the product first. 812 Gum is a natural supplement gum that is designed to "create a state of 'relaxed alertness'". They claim it works by stimulating the brain into producing alpha waves, while your brain normally operates in the beta wave range.

First off, I will disclose that I was the one who approached Effectve first, I was not solicited in any way. Also, I was not given any incentive to participate. Finally, our partnership agreement was worked out after my results were recorded. I'm only mentioning these facts so everyone knows this is an objective analysis.

The trial packet I received had eight pieces of the gum in sealed pouches. The instructions were as follows:

On Days 1 and 2, warm up for 30 minutes playing a game. Take two pieces of gum and chew for ten minutes. Remove the gum and continue playing, recording your results and how you feel.

On Day 3, chew two pieces of gum for two hours, then replace with another two pieces for two more hours, recording your results and how you feel.

I will be sharing how I felt during each day, and also including detailed statistics from Day 1 only, since it was so time consuming to track down the game statistics.

On Day 1, I played two games of Big Team Infinity Slayer matches to start my day out. They were horrible, as first games of the day tend to be. I changed to SWAT afterwards, since I figured that was the game type that "relaxed alertness" would be the most noticeable. The first games I played were average:

So then I chewed the gum. Chew chew chew. Chew. Chew. They aren't very tasty, but that really wasn't something I expected from the big, white round pieces. Ten minutes later, I started a game and was AMAZED at how quickly my gameplay changed:

This is not how I normally play! After the feeling really set in, Game 4 was the best SWAT I've ever played!

I didn't record any more statistics, but I did record how I felt. After each game, I noted whether or not I felt "flutter". By "flutter" I mean that moment when you come around a corner and you come face-to-face with an opponent, and you get that moment of "Oh!". On each day, I could play about two hours before the "flutter" came back. Until then, I was a machine, just cranking out kills left and right.

On the third day, I did notice that the gum does not work on fatigue. Four straight hours of game play is still quite a bit of time, and I got too tired to get the desired effect after the first few hours.

In conclusion, I would have to say that Effectve 8-12Hz® Neural Gum does work as marketed. If I go to an on-site tournament, like a sponsored MLG or AGL Event, I will be buying another pack of this to make sure I get that edge again.

Relax. Focus. Win!

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