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Athletes in the Zone

After a great performance, athletes have described a feeling of being “in the zone.” In this state, they feel invincible, as if the game slowed down, the crowd noise fell silent and they achieved an incredible focus on their mission. This state is associated with higher alpha production in the brain. 8-12Hz® Neural Gum can help you get into this state more easily, more often, and stay in it longer.

In the simplest terms, the “zone” (or “flow” as some sport psychologists’ call it), is generally described as “the pinnacle of achievement for an athlete”, and characterizes “a state in which an athlete performs to the best of his or her ability” It combines a balance of excitement and awareness, and is often associated with a relaxed yet focused high-level performance.

For example: in a crucial playoff game in 2012, Lebron James torched the Celtics for 45 points on 19 of 26 shooting. He also collected 15 rebounds and dished out five assists in a 98-79 Heat victory. After the Game, James said that he was in "such a zone" that he didn't really pay attention to what the Celtics were doing in terms of expressions. Instead, the MVP was too busy being just that; the most valuable player on the court.

As Albert Pujols says, "I encourage batters to have either one thought or no thoughts when they step up to the plate."

By encouraging production of alpha waves in the brain, effectve's 8-12Hz Neural Gum can help you get to that state--to enter a realm of relaxed alertness and enhanced performance.

The Zone: Evidence of a Universal Phenomenon for Athletes Across Sports