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Business Men and Women

Since we launched 8-12Hz®, we've had many business people chew 812 Neural Gum and tell us how much they liked it--how much it helped them in their jobs. This includes everyone from hedge fund managers to corporate executives. But the most fun testimonial we've ever received was from a deputy sheriff who chewed 812 before an especially stressful job interview. Anyone in the business world can relate to his stress.

"I’m a Deputy Sheriff, and I recently had an important job interview for a major promotion. I was very nervous beforehand. I chewed four pieces (I was “really” nervous) of the 812 gum while in the waiting room. By the time they called me in, I was so chilled, I aced the sucker and got the promotion!"

                                                                                                                                                                                 Richard P., Vacaville, CA

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