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Effectve®, a division of Baseline Nutritionals, was founded in 2011 to develop and market a line of natural, nutraceutical products that quickly and effectively enhance your state of mind. 8-12Hz®, a neural gum, is its first product.

Neural gum consists of the unique, patent-pending pairing of nutraceutical formulations in a sublingual, functional-effect, gum-delivery system. Sublingual use of the nutraceutical combination of bioavailable natural ingredients provides rapid efficacy for the user.

The ease of use and speed in sublingual delivery enhances the value of the gum. The use of the ingredients singularly does not produce the desired effect, nor does delivery through traditional pill form or ingesting the ingredients as part of functional foods. The effect is only achieved by pairing the all-natural active ingredients and delivering them sublingually.

The formulator for all of effectve's products is Jon Barron.