Actually, you can chew 8-12Hz® any way you want, but there is a reason for our suggested "First Use" instructions on the 812 pack, which read: Chew 2 pieces (either together or one after the other) for 10 minutes. Remove from mouth. Enjoy relaxed alertness. In fact, it is at that point that you will want to engage in any activity that benefits from such a state. Think gaming, sports, studying, stressful interviews or meetings, or just plain relaxing.

What will I notice?

Most people are not sensitive enough to notice shifts in their brainwaves. Since such shifts are taking place all the time, most people have learned to tune them out. However, if you chew 8-12Hz® "under load," you are likely to notice a difference in the way you perform. Again, by under load we are talking about any activity that benefits from a state of relaxed alertness. Think gaming, sports, studying, stressful interviews or meetings, or just plain relaxing. Performing these activities after chewing 812 is likely to produce higher gaming scores, lower golf scores, more time in the zone when running, better performance in football, baseball, or basketball, longer runs on the pool table, more hits when skeet shooting, more concentration while studying, relaxed alertness when taking tests or interviewing for a job, etc., etc., etc., or just plain "taking the edge off" when under stress.

Why 2 pieces?

Two pieces is a single serving. It contains the amount of Ashwagandha and L-theanine supported by most studies.

Why 10 minutes?

For most people, it takes about ten minutes for the gum's herbal ingredients to make their way into your bloodstream at sufficient levels for the effect to be fully noticed. However, once you become more familiar with what those effects are and what they feel like, you may start feeling them within the first minute.

Why remove from mouth?

There is nothing magical about removing the gum from your mouth. It's just that by stopping chewing and removing the gum from your mouth, it is more likely that you will "consciously" feel the pleasant relaxation effects of the gum coming on. Aggressive chewing can mask the "conscious" aspects of the experience. But even if you don't stop chewing, the effects are still happening - you just may not experience them consciously. On the other hand, if you are doing a task such as playing a video game that will benefit from reducing stress levels or entering "the zone," you are just as likely to experience all of the benefits of the gum, without consciously "feeling" relaxed. Try it for yourself and see. In fact, most people describe the conscious effect of 8-12Hz®, not as relaxation, but as "taking the edge off." And once you are familiar with what "entering the zone" feels like, you will consciously feel the effect whether you stop chewing or not.

What does "Relax. Focus. Win." mean?

Relaxed focus is not about what you "consciously" feel - that's just confirmation that something is happening. It's about "entering the zone" and experiencing improved performance in whatever it is you're doing. As we like to say. "Relax. Focus. Win." And no, 8-12Hz® does not make you drowsy, although it can definitely help you fall asleep - simply by taking the edge off and helping you slough off stress and tension before lying down. Unless you're jacked up by caffeine or other stimulants, it's likely that it's the stress and tension of the day that are preventing you from falling asleep. Get rid of the stress and tension, and sleep comes naturally - without having to make you artificially drowsy, or any of the other negative side effects associated with sleeping pills.

Is 812 just another form of energy drink?

Not even close! 8-12Hz® contains no caffeine, no taurine, and no guarana. In fact, it contains no stimulants of any kind. If you want, you can go to sleep right after chewing 812; try that after downing an energy drink. 812 works to create a state of relaxed alertness that is very, very different from the jittery wakefulness produced by energy drinks. And it has none of the negative side effects associated with energy drinks.

Is it safe to "change" my brain waves?

Absolutely! You do it all the time – just not always to your advantage. You change your brain waves when you go to sleep at night – and again when wake up in the morning. You change your brain waves when you meditate, or get absorbed in a good book. And you change your brain waves when you study or play video games. These are all good changes. On the other hand, you also change your brain waves when you get stressed or angry – or when you drink coffee or slug down a cup of sugar in a 32 oz soda. In the end, it all comes down to whether the changes you effect are beneficial or not. Encouraging the production of alpha waves in the brain induces a state of relaxed alertness, which is beneficial for many activities. Enjoy it!

Does 812 create sound waves in my brain?

We’ve actually been asked this question; and the answer is absolutely not! 8-12Hz® is NOT necessarily a measurement of sound. It is a measurement of cycles per second, a continuum of electromagnetic waves that covers a broad range of frequencies that encompass everything from audible sound, to visible light, and beyond. Anything that produces electromagnetic waves, as does your brain, nervous system, and every single cell in your body generates—by definition—frequencies along the electromagnetic spectrum. In fact, it is these frequencies in your brain that doctors read when they take an EEG reading—the device where they attach the electrodes to your scalp. And in fact, 812 neural gum doesn't generate anything at all—not even brain waves. All it does is support your brain's own ability to increase production of alpha waves—thereby promoting a state of relaxed alertness.

What if I chew more than 2 pieces?

There is no evidence that you could reasonably chew enough pieces of 8-12Hz® gum to ingest sufficient Ashwagandha or L-theanine to be harmful in any way. If you have too many pieces, you are likely to experience a very pleasant sensation for several hours. Note: this product is not for use by persons under the age of 18.

What does it mean when it says 8-12Hz® is a Dietary Supplement?

Dietary supplement is merely an FDA designation for things you consume that are not foods. Every vitamin you’ve ever purchased is labeled as a Dietary Supplement. Check out the FDA’s own definition.

Is 8-12Hz® FDA approved?The FDA doesn’t actually approve dietary supplements or food products. Instead, they approve the individual non-food ingredients such as added vitamins used in those products—and once approved, they can be mixed and matched in any combination you want. GRAS is an FDA designation that literally means “Generally Regarded As Safe.” The active ingredients in 812 (ashwagandha and theanine) are FDA GRAS and can therefore be used in food products and dietary supplements without any additional FDA approval. In fact, that’s pretty much how every single multivitamin pill you’ve every used was put together.

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