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British golfer Tony Jacklin described the "cocoon of concentration" he sometimes found himself in: "When I'm in this state, this cocoon of concentration, I'm living fully in the present, not moving out of it. I'm aware of every half inch of my swing. I'm absolutely engaged, involved in what I'm doing at that particular moment. That's the important thing. That's the difficult state to arrive at. It comes and it goes, and the pure fact that you go out on the first tee of a tournament and say, 'I must concentrate today," is no good. It won't work. It has to already be there." Most athletes make a distinction between their usual concentration and this special kind of playing trance. Call it the "zone," a "cocoon of concentration," or "white moment"--it brings extraordinary integration and power.

from In the Zone: Transcendent Experience in Sports by Rhea White and Michael Murphy

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