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Programming Support in a Gum Delivery System

Until now, when it came to programming, the only mental aids you could get were caffeine and sugar. And yes, caffeine and sugar are great -- if you’re looking to stay awake for hours on end like a sentry on guard duty. But programming is more complex than merely standing at attention.

Programming is about:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Making connections
  • Following intricate lines of detail
  • Becoming immersed in your code

In other words, writing code is about accessing your brain's alpha waves, the EEG frequencies between 8 and 12 cycles per second that are associated with meditation, creative thinking, and entering the zone. Unfortunately, energy drinks just won't get you there.8-12Hz® gum, however, is scientfically designed to support your body’s ability to access those brainwaves, thus improving your ability to write code…and enjoy it.

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