For Retailers, a Rare Opportunity

8-12Hz©  offers retailers a chance to capitalize on the next major trend--a trend that is likely to be around for many years because it satisfies at a primal level and demands that the product be experienced over and over.

That trend is known as neural satisfaction.

8-12Hz© offers retailers a chance to maximize profits in an entirely new division. For the last decade, every trendy product--from Red Bull to 5-Hour Energy shots--has been competing for the same market share: energy drinks. 8-12Hz  stands alone in gum and confections--
and it stands alone in focused relaxation.

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8000 Monthly Page Views

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  • Product with potential to increase traffic count
  • Return visits because it satisfies a fundamental need
  • Inventory turn because its effect guarantees repeat customers
  • High product space ROI

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Relax. Focus. Win!


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8-12Hz© offers retailers a Disruptive, Unique, and Exclusive (patented) product that offers huge opportunities in multiple markets.




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Proven Effect

To test 8‐12Hz©, we went to video gaming conventions and offered competitors samples to try, then immediately report on their results. The average professional gamer improved their score 14% after experiencing the benefits of 8-12Hz Neural Gum in competition. 8-12Hz powered teams finished top 8 at every major event.

Benefits for retailers include: