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Soldiers, Police Officers, Firemen

“A buddy who knows the guy who developed 8-12Hz®, Neural Gum, sent me a box to try out. If I liked it, I agreed to give a testimonial. I like it. I am a former SEAL currently working for another government agency. It’s a little easier lifestyle, so far less dangerous, but the threats are still in your face while down range. The hours are still long and the need to stay calm under fire is the same. Because I have to interact with whacky civilians a lot it can get testy on the nerves too. I find that 812, weird name, keeps me, what athletes call, in the zone. I am calm, patient, and I am not burning my nerves out on caffeine. I recommend this for all field operatives or anyone who needs to stay calm, but alert.“

Todd H., Navy Seal Ret.

"My name is SGT Tirado. I am 39 years old, and I have been an infantryman in the United States Army for over 8 years. A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan deployments. I am currently stationed in Georgia. I recently had the opportunity to try the 8-12Hz® Military Gum at a 3 day Urban Sniper Course here with the Global Tactical Training Group.

"The course was thoroughly challenging, informative and demanding. The first noticeable effect of the gum was a consistent bio rhythm that was unique and also noticed by a couple of military colleagues with whom I had shared some of the gum at the course. It was also intriguing on the focus of motor skills as well as how well they increased to second nature. No discomfort or fear of heights for angle fire solutions. No adrenaline rush, jitters or caffeine side effects. Just calm focus and relaxed reactions with no stress.

"I will give a second review as I am in the middle of academics and would like to test the use for an Army Physical Fitness test, I look forward to a consistent purchase and use of this product because I believe in it and its creditability. Hopefully it will become accessible and supplied in the future to the military."

SGT Tirado

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