And if you’re a single mom, 812 can help there too—allowing you to relax and be yourself in social gatherings and if you’ve entered the dating world again. 812 gets you into the zone; and the zone gets you to intimacy.

812. It's perfect for you. It's perfect for your family.

Mom Are You Stressed Out By:

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What thousands of competitive professionals already know

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Need to find a way to quickly and easily get calm and centered naturally for hours, without feeling dopey? You want to relax and de-stress healthily, without pills or alcohol, then watch and learn what thousands of video gamers (and that might include your kids) already know. And it's patented and backed by dozens of studies.

There’s a reason thousands of women already use 8-12Hz®to chill out. Because 812 naturally stimulates the production of alpha waves in the brain, it relaxes you, calms you down, and de-stresses you. It puts you in the zone. For competitors, this means enhanced performance, but for you, it means the ability to chill out any time you feel stressed without feeling dopey or drugged.
And because it takes the edge off, 812 Neural Gum kills the need for comfort foods and/or cigarettes.

If you’re a working mom, 812 helps on the job—chilling you out during interviews, negotiations, and stressful situations.