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Have you ever been out shooting a round of golf and entered the space where your swing seems effortless and all your putts seem to magically drop--only wondering why you can't do that every day?

Have you ever been playing a video game and found yourself in a place where every outside distraction recedes into the distance and you seem to know what your opponent is going to do--even before she does it?

Have you ever been at a high-pressure business negotiation and entered the space where you're no longer stressed. You're relaxed and confident. In fact, you're so chilled you couldn't care less--and because of that everything starts going your way?

Welcome to the zone! Does 8-12Hz® automatically put you in the zone? No, but the bioactives in 812 are scientifically proven to make it easier for you to get there--and stay there longer when you do. They create a state of relaxed alertness--perfect for improving performance, or just plain chilling at the end of a stressful day. Imagine what you could do with the 812 advantage. People who could benefit from the relaxed, in-the-zone alertness that 812 Neural Gum facilitates include:

Relax and Focus

Welcome to the zone!